About Sharp Edge

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About Sharp Edge

Sharp Edge has been professionally delivering cutting tools of good quality, consistently since 2007. As our name Sharp Edge says, we are Sharp on our delivery time and will serve till the Edge of each day to our customer’s needs without compromising quality. We provide innovative solutions for all manufacturing & re-sharpening of cutting tools.

We are constantly in sync with Engineers from Germany for any Technical support and also to keep ourselves up-to-date with latest technologies pertaining to our industry.

At Sharp Edge we manufacture & resharp high precision solid Carbide End mills, Carbide Drills, Carbide Reamers, HSS End mills, HSS Drills, Side and face Cutters, Slitting saw cutters and Carbide Tipped tools. Our state-of-the-art resharpening equipment & team of our experienced craftsmen ensures superior quality cutting tools to meet your most challenging requirements.

We are equipped with WALTER & STAR 5AXIS CNC, PRAGA CONVENTIONAL TOOL & CUTTER GRINDING machines along with other equipments.

With our services, we are committed to meet the standard as well as customized demands of different engineering industries. We have earned high appreciation for our service on Manufacturing & re-sharpening of Carbide End mills, Carbide Drills and Carbide Reamers.

Along with standards, we also design & manufacture special contour tools to reduce your setup time & costs.

Technical Advisors

Dr. Sorin Voicu

Tools Wizard, GmbH


Tools Wizard

Dr. S. Voicu guides us in Cutting Tool Geometry related issues to tackle advanced requirements of our customers. He continues to provide Techincal and Troubleshooting support.

Mr. Michael Smith

Eurotech Corporation

Menomonee Falls, USA

Tools Wizard

Mr. Michael Smith handles the Design and Develpoment of Cutting Tools Inspection Equipment. He is in constant touch with us for any Inspection related Technical Advice.